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Tours for Certified Divers   

We look forward to introducing new and experienced divers to the amazing waters surrounding Taveuni, with over 1500 species of fish and 390 species of corals – many unique to Fiji. We have many tours for certified divers, depending on interests, preferences and skill levels. We'd love to hear from you to plan the diving vacation of a lifetime!

We Dive where You Want to Dive

Our certified dive charters cater to divers' preferences – the sea life and reef topography you want to experience. The predictable currents of the Somosomo Straits mean that divers drift with the current about 75% of the time. The moon cycle is the major factor affecting currents, with slackest current occurring during the half moon. The full and new moon have the strongest currents. Depending on your comfort level with currents, you may wish to consider the moon cycle when planning your dive trip.

Two Tank Dive (One Day)

Certified divers will explore one of Taveuni's many beautiful reef systems, beginning with site and marine biology orientations. Our detailed site briefings use a local site map to illustrate all aspects of the dive, including depth, topography, and procedures. Our marine biology briefings include fish identification and behavior and coral identification, emphasizing endemic and rare species.

Dive time is about 45 minutes with an average depth of 12–30 meters (40–100 feet). During a relaxing surface interval, divers enjoy delicious snacks, cold beverages, and a hot water shower, followed by a second 45 minute dive. The entire trip for a two tank dive is approximately four hours.

Two tank dive w/tanks and weights US$120 plus 15% local taxes

Gear package – BCD, regulator, wetsuit, mask, fins, dive computer – US$20 plus 15% local taxes

Multi–Day Dives

Our Price List displays all of our prices, with discounts for multi–day dives


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